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In addition to complete brewery set-ups, CoEnCo has following peripheral equipment on offer:


CCT fermentation tanks and LT langering tanks

Our CCT’s (cylindrical-conical tanks) are equipped with bottom and jacket heating.

Our LT’s (lagering tanks) feature jacket heating and are available up to 60 hl, on special request up to 120 hl.

CIP units

A tasty and safe final product requires perfectly cleaned machines. CoEnCo’s CIP unit makes it easy to do the job on a friendly budget.

Keg washers and fillers

CoEnCo builds keg washers or fillers to your needs. That way, you can handle different types of kegs with one machine. The automatic program ensures an optimal cleaning.

Automatic bottle fillers

An automatic bottle filler saves you a lot of work. Moreover, this process meets all safety and hygiene regulations.

Beer pasteurisation

Do you want to market your product safely and without any risk? Then pasteurising is the best solution.

Beer saturation

Are you looking for a saturizer for your brewery? You have found it. This device has an average capacity of 5 to 10 hl/h.

Bars & distribution tanks

Do you need a bar for your showroom, parties or trade shows? CoEnCo can help you out.