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In a previous life, Luc Vanbleu accumulated a considerable expertise in liquid food industry processes. A former colleague submitting quite some brewery projects aroused his passion for beer. On these foundations, in 1998 he started CoEnCo: constructor of microbreweries and liquid food processing appliances.

Today, CoEnCo operates with a staff of 10 people in an exciting and ever growing international market, within as well as outside Europe. 60 to 4.000 l brew units, auxiliary equipment (fermentation and maturing tanks, pasteurizers, bottling lines, etc), all kinds of liquid food applications: CoEnCo is your partner!


CoEnCo stands for:

Construction: skilled technicians assemble your equipment in our workshop with utmost dedication and in accordance with all relevant standards. They will equally install your machinery at your premises.

Engineering: CoEnCo is your ideal partner for all applications requiring other than standard, ready made equipment. Together with you we develop the most adequate solution, embracing the experiment if needed, and finetune until everything is ready.

Consultancy: CoEnCo thoroughly analyses your demand and works along with you towards the most suitable solution for your product within the defined budget. With technical and, if needed, commercial advice. We can also assist you in developing your recipes.